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The PHASIFY™ VIRAL RNA Extraction Kit is designed for maximum yield of viral RNA from viral transport media samples and has demonstrated superior recovery against solid phase extraction methods.


High Yield: Up to 1 mL of sample per extraction
High Concentration: Flexible elution volume as low as 10 µL
Easy-to-Use: No specialized equipment needed such as magnetic racks and vacuum pumps

Product Details

Product Code Input Volume Unit Size
1210100 1 mL viral transport media 25x reactions


Features Specifications
Applications RT-PCR, PCR, real-time PCR, others
Sample type Viral transport media
Appropriate run time per 20 preps ~120 mins
Elution volume 10µL - 150µL
Shelf life stability 6 months
Intended use Research Use Only (RUO)
Processing Manual
Shipping Condition Room Temperature
Storage Condition RT Box: Stored at 15-30 °C
Cold Box: Stored at 4°C and -20°C

Data / Performance

PHASIFY™ VIRAL RNA Extraction Kit, powered by novel PHASIFY™ technology, demonstrated a 3-6 reduction in cycle threshold value compared to standard solid phase methods in contrived COVID-19 samples.

Solid Phase
Solid Phase
Sample Input 1,000 µL 560 µL 140 µL
Final Elution 10 µL 60 µL 60 µL
Ct Value 32.4 36.3 38.8

Figure 1- Spiked-in COVID-19 E gene RNA template was extracted from viral transport media (VTM, COPAN Diagnostics) using PHASIFY™ VIRAL and standard solid phase RNA extraction kit. Sample input and output were based on each manufacturer’s recommended specifications. Cycle threshold was determined with RT-PCR (Roche LightCycler 480 II). Samples extracted with PHASIFY™ VIRAL RNA Extraction Kit enabled a 3-6 cycle threshold reduction compared to samples extracted with solid phase extraction.

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