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Our Approach

Changing the landscape of healthcare through more comprehensive information

醫生在虛擬電腦螢幕上工作,病人的肺部。 - 免版稅肺圖庫照片

Better health information helps better decision-making, for both patients and healthcare providers




Are you suffering from diseases that have yet to manifest symptoms?


The potential benefits of accurate diagnostics are immense, but target molecules that indicate the presence of disease often exist in quantities too low to be detected in collected samples.
PHASE Scientific’s proprietary technology, PHASIFY, is an innovative solution to the problem of low-concentration target molecule detection.  





PHASIFY is a pioneering solution for the development of new diagnostics for cancer and infectious diseases

The beauty of the PHASIFY technology lies in its simplicity.


Imagine if you can concentrate an entire glass of salt water inside just the volume of a single drop, the taste of salt that was hard to detect in the full glass all of a sudden becomes incredibly apparent.


PHASIFY works the same way. It can concentrate target biomolecules from patient samples to improve diagnostic sensitivity, and improved sensitivity would lead to better and earlier detection of diseases.


By improving sample quality, PHASIFY also enhances the performance of point-of-care testing, as well as lab-based testing, making diagnostic testing faster, more  accurate and cost-effective.



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